Synergia Foxy-publishing system allows you to manage your website with easy-to-use tools.  Updating simply requires an Internet connection and a web browser. Foxy uses state-of-the-art and established technology, so we can guarantee the system's operability well into the future, too. 

Why choose Synergia Foxy?

There are dozens of publishing systems on the market. We have years of experience with these systems and are fully aware of which features and inadequacies cause the most problems. Synergia Foxy has been made on a user to user basis: updating is done logically and easily, without extra editor-windows or management panels. All content is modified directly to wherever needed. Automatic saving guarantees that updates are not lost before they are accepted or rejected. Links will not get broken, even if you change the target page or file URL address.

More about features:

Operating systems/browsers supported:

Synergia Foxy operates with all common devices and systems. You only need an Internet connection and a web browser to update your site. You can also update using your smart phone. 

You can use Synergia Foxy with the following browsers (Minimum versions):


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