Managing pages

Editing site maps in Synergia Foxy is really simple. Foxy doesn't limit the number of pages so it’s suitable for all sorts of purposes from smaller business card sites to larger portals. The site map is placed on the top bar, so you can modify pages even while changing content.

Adding pages

Add a page by naming and saving it. Added pages can be public or private.  The  URL addresses of pages become plain language.  For example “This is a new page” is modified to this-is-a-new-page. The page to be added is presumed empty but in Foxy you can set certain repeating modules as presumed content (search field, news, etc), and they will be added to all new pages automatically.


Editing pages

You can edit pages at any stage whatsoever. Page headers and locations can be changed easily. Desired metadata is designated to each page ready for search engines. With Foxy you can also search the page content find examples for what the page title and description should be. You can change URL addresses to suit, too.  Links won't get broken in Foxy:  If you move a page from one level to another or change the URL address, the 301 direction will redirect the user to the correct page (in which case search engines and bookmarks included will still continue to operate).  You can designate read and write access, as well as the publishing time for your pages.


Page removal

In Foxy, you can remove pages easily. Page content is conclusively removed except for modules and files. When you are deleting pages, Foxy will ask for confirmation. If the user comes to a removed page (eg. Via a bookmark), it will be a 404 page, which is freely customizable.


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