In this section, you'll find directions for using Synergia Foxy Publishing System. You'll find frequently asked question at the end of each section. If you don't find the answer to your question there, just contact us directly.

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Foxy gives you the possibility for flexible content management. You can choose whether to make all changes before saving or make one change at a time. Foxy also offers you tools for expanding your site map and search engine optimization.

Nowadays, websites are responsive, so Foxy had been designed so that you need not worry about this: for example, pictures are decreased to fit maximum width automatically, so you needn't worry what they will look like on a telephone. Due to being responsive, you should try to avoid editing for appearance's sake only. Good line breaks on a computer screen may behave very differently on a telephone screen. Avoid tables, too, as these generally require enormous space width-wise.


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