Content managment

In Synergia Foxy, content is in real time- As you save changes, they are published instantly (as long as the page itself is public). For this reason, the editor is already embedded in the site with no separate control panel. Thus you can see, as you edit, what the final content will actually look like.

Foxy site pages are divided into cells. Depending on the cell content, there are a certain number of buttons above it. Where there's an empty area to be edited there are two buttons above it:

Clicking the pen button will open the editor and you can create new content. If you are in the process of editing, you'll find two buttons above the cell:

The green button saves changes, while the blue button rejects changes made. Foxy always requests confirmation after either button is clicked.

If you want to make changes to already existing content, the following buttons will be seen above the content:

The pen button opens the editor. 

Deleting content

The red Delete button is used to remove content. Content will be permanently removed. Foxy will request confirmation before deleting. Foxy version 3 no longer saves all created text content in a separate archive module.

Frequently asked questions

There are more icons above the cells/ I can’t I see all icons above the cell, why?

If you cannot see the editing buttons, you probably don’t have permission to edit the page.

If there is a lock above the cell, another user is editing the document (you can identify the user by holding the cursor above the lock).

If there is a module in the cell, there is a Module Managing button above it. For more info see Modules.

If the area to be edited has various content, you can change their positions using the arrow buttons.

In mobile, the view is different, why?

In mobile devices you can only edit one content item at a time. Due to the small screen size, editing several content items would be too difficult.

I removed content by mistake, how can I retrieve it?

If you have deleted the content despite the confirmation request prompt, we advise you to contact us immediately. We take a backup copy of the data base every night at 00:00hrs, after which time content is permanently deleted.


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