There a three ways to add links in Synergia Foxy: Outer and inner links, and linking to a file. You can create a link by selecting the desired text (or by choosing an image) and pressing Insert Link -button.

Outer Link (linking to another site)

Add the desired address to URL. Add whole address, including https://. If you want to change the selected text, you can do that by editing Text. In outer links, you should always use Open in new tab. When you click Insert, the link is complete.

Inner Link (linking to another page within your site)

You can create an inner link by pressing Choose Link (magnifier). From the dropdown, you can see the whole sitemap of the current language version. Once you press Insert, the link is complete.

If you want to link to a different language version - or add parameters to URL - you can copy URL directly from browser. Please notice, that you dont have to copy the base URL (

Linking to a File

You can create a link to file. You can choose a file from Material Bank, or you can upload a whole new file. When you click this button, a lightbox is opened above the page. You can upload a new file with Upload file. The uploaded file has a green background. Once you click the filename, link is complete.

Always create a PDF from Word / Excel -files. PDF files open directly to browser and thus don't need a separate desktop programme to work.

Editing and deleting link

When you click within a link, a separate editing-box will appear. 

Open Link

This will open the current link to new tab.


You can choose a Button -style for link. This selection is either on or off, so if you want to remove the style, you must click on the style again.

Edit Link

This button will open the link edit -popup. Once you've done the changes, press Update.


Click this if you want to remove the link.


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