Making use of ready content

Synergia Foxy strives to make maintenance easier by taking advantage of diverse ready content. The basic idea is that content already made doesn't need to be re-made. Foxy uses these methods to make use of ready contents:

Import file

There is a Functions Menu above each empty cell.  In the menu you will find the Import File button. This tool is used when you want to bring a completed file from a word processor or spreadsheet program (e.g. Word or Excel). The file import process converts the imported content into valid HTML code, while retaining formatting and images to a reasonable extent. After importing, you will return to the editing mode, meaning that imported content is not saved without a save button.  Thus allowing you some fine-tuning to any imported content prior to publication.


There is also a File import button in the editor, so you can import files to ready-made content:

Import content from another page

Import content from another page by clicking on the “Import content from another page” button in the Functions Menu. Use the drop down menu to choose the language and page of the content you need. You will see a list of possible content from each page. When you click the content it reverts to editing mode, so you can still modify imported content. A copy is made of the content, so any updates will not affect original content.

Copy this content/ Import copied content

You can copy cell content from the “Copy this content” button in the Functions menu. If there is some content in the cache, you can upload it to a selected cell using the same menu and the “Upload copied content” button. Following this you will return to edit, where you can further edit uploaded content. Content will be copied, so updates will not affect original content.


If you have text that you want repeated exactly the same on on several pages, you can use the statictext (Recyclable content) module. Thus you will not need to upload pages individually, but changes will be updated wherever the module is used. 

You can make any content whatsoever recyclable by using the “Make this statictext ” button in the Functions menu. Give the opening window a new module heading.

Restore previous content

If you have edited some content, you can return to a previous version using the “Restore previous content” button. Foxy will retain the content for one storage step back. You will then be returned to edit mode, which you can save if required. Current content will be saved as previous content.

Frequently asked questions

Why can't I upload a PDF file using 'Upload file' command?

PDF is a presentation format with a source code that doesn't necessarily look at all the same as in Adobe Reader. Also, PDF files can usually be opened in a browser, so they can be added to the site as normal links.

'Upload file' doesn't look the same as in source file, why?

This function will only save styling sensibly, e.g. font, text background, justification and other unnecessary styling will be removed. If heading styles have not been defined in source files, headings will endeavour to follow changing font sizes. You can still make changes to the content before saving.

Will the uploaded file stay in the browser?

No. Files will be removed immediately after conversion.

How are images handled in 'Upload file' ?

Pictures are uploaded as real pictures, and are reduced in size to maximum width. Pictures will be added to Content Bank, so they can be used on other pages. As we don''t know the file name for pictures, they will be given an assumed series of numbers. You can change this as you wish in the Content Bank.

Why can't I perform these actions with ready-made content? 

You must remove content first. Thus you can be doubly sure that content was certainly unnecessary.


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