Site management

You can freely expand your site in Synergia Foxy. Use the following button to edit your sitemap.

When you click this button a sitemap opens at the top of the page. In Mobiles the sitemap opens in a lightbox.

Adding pages

Firstly you should decide whether you want pages to be public or private. If the site is already public, you should set the pages as private by default. Use the following button to do this:

Orange means pages to be added are public by default. Grey means they are private by default.

Under each level there's a text field and to the right, the following button:

Write the page name in the text field, click either this button or <Enter>, and the new page will be added.. If you want to add the page to a sublevel, you can open more levels with the + button on the left (or close them with the - button). If the page has no lower level, you can add one by clicking the following button:

This button will open a text field in a new level, in other words, enable a new page to be added.

Page removal

Use the following button to remove a page:

If the button is grey, you cannot remove the page. There can be three reasons for this:

  1. You can't remove a page if it has a subpage. Remove the subpage first.
  2. You do not have permission to remove the page.
  3. The page has been set as a home page, or a 404/401 – page.

When you remove the page, all its content will be removed, too (except modules and files). All language versions of the page will also be removed.

Page position change

You can freely move a page in the sitemap. With same level pages, you can drag the page to the desired position using the mouse. If you want to move a page to a completely new level, just use the arrows. The right arrow takes the page above and turns it into a subpage. The left arrow moves the page one level higher.


Page settings

On the left-hand side of each page, there's a settings button. Use this to change .e.g page headings and metadata. If the page is hidden, you will see this icon:


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