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Real-time content managament is easy and fast with Synergia Foxy -CMS.

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Managing page content

Synergia Foxy makes editing websites simple! All content is editable inline with an easy-to-use editor.

You only need basic IT-skills to update your Foxy -page. With predefined styles, the page will remain coherent regardless of the user. All changes will remain cached until you either save or cancel the changes. All changes will be published real-time without complex publication chains.




Inserting images to a web page

You don't have to worry about image size, as all images are automatically resized to optimal size. The images will look good on all devices and file size is reduced considerably.

You can upload images with inline -editor. There is no need for separate folder management, as all uploaded files will automatically be moved to proper location on sitemap. Foxy comes with a simple photo editing tool, which you can use to crop, turn and rotate images.




Adding a link

Links within your page, or links to another website are done with a few clicks on your mouse. With our sitemap -based materialbank, linking to a PDF -file is fast and easy.

You can make a link to any page within your site with a simple dropdown -menu. You can link to another website by copying the URL -address. Linking to a PDF -file is done by choosing the file on your computer.




Do you want to know more about Foxy?

Are you interested in Foxy? Do you have any questions on different features? Do you want to Request an offer or perhaps need user credentials for our demo site? Contact us, and we will be happy to assist you!

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