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Synergia Foxy

Synergia Foxy offers a simple solution for importing data from Palvelutietovaranto (PTV), making it a suitable solution for cities and municipalities.

Synergia Foxy - julkaisujärjestelmä

Palvelutietovaranto -palvelutietovaranto is a centralized data reserve where organizations that have either an obligation to use or a right to use, produce information about the services they offer and service channels.

PTV's goal is that in the future information would be produced uniformly in one place, from where it could be used in various online services with the help of the open OUT -interface. Municipalities are obliged to report public information about their services, transaction points and service channels to the service database.

Out -interface in Synergia Foxy -CMS

The basis of Synergia Foxy CMS is ease-of-use. This principle is also the basis for PTV -integration. Data from Palvelutietovaranto can easily be imported to your web site.

The API is built to reduce work load. You can import all data from PTV to a webpage in just a few clicks. The imported data is kept in cache for 5 minutes, so the API doesn't get overloaded. The information is presented neatly, paying attention to responsiveness. Service channels are found in a simple accordion. The integration doesn't mess up the predefined styles of your site.




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